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writing afternoon at lind's café with jen

So today I went to school, like an other friday. And like any other friday it was tough, everlasting and incrediably boring! School really sucks right now, but it something that has to be done...

But anyhow, I went to this café with Jennie, and we talked and wrote and had a lot of fun... I got some conclusions on my new novel-project, which I am writing for school. It's a lot to figure out around it, with different theories, timelines and character backgrounds. But it's a lot of fun. It feels like I'm going all J.K Rowling on it, with so much planning and background facts... Sometimes it feels like I'm running in circles around myself, but Jen and Magda and the others are always there to tell me to shut up and sit still if so is neccessary. Atleast I came up with some new characters, especially the Devlin family tree. The results of my mental mind mapping are as follows:

Cian Devlin
Éire (Morrigan) Devlin

Aidan Devlin
Caitlin (Seawick) Devlin

Leo (Devlin) Stone
Ashley Stone
Cash Stone
Harper Stone

Clooney Devlin
Rowan (Callahan) Devlin
Harmon Devlin
Sheridan Devlin

Neal Devlin
Murphy Barnes
Quinn Devlin
Sloan Devlin

- Harper Stone is the main character....
- The names in italics are dead...

Though now I have to go to bed, cause I'm really tired...



this is Harper Stone...


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What's your Cullen car?

it's either that, a vintage VW Beetle, or an old, square looking Jeep Cherokee... yeah, odd or what? my mom gave me a lecture on how stupid I am to like these cars because they are bad for the enviroment... but, really...

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to school

In all honesty, I don't feel all that good. I'm a little anxious about this whole school thing, but I haven't cracked yet. Not about that anyhow. Also, I have two books, which both sucks. Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe and Ondskan by Jan Guillou. Ever heard of them? ... no! Really they are horrible, really terrible, and adding to the misery, we have already read both of them last term. Yeah, well anyhow. I gotta go to school now. Meeting Jen at her house in ten minutes. Which reminds me, I have to finishe Breaking Dawn, like now!!!! Well, bye...

and M, if you read this, I actually kinda miss talking to you...
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Twilight Graphics

So during the past weeks I have made some Twilight Graphics, featuring, of course, the wonderful Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Hope you like what you see! I'll post them soon...

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